Parity Will Return

For everyone overreacting about the DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Golden State Warriors, there’s something to be said for guys finding a way to make things happy. The casual NBA (or sports fan in general) can’t help but be perplexed when considering this recent move to the Bay Area.

But even if you aren’t a fan of Golden State, is it much different than what teams in other major sports have done over the years? And isn’t it sort of fun to hate the team that has an embarrassment of riches at all times (i.e. the New York Yankees in several different decades)?

Cousins’ contract works, as it was the leftover money from Kevin Durant not taking the max deal for his 2-year. Yes, Boogie might come back the same player, but he might also come back half of that. That also is better than anything (Javale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, Andrew Bogut) that the Warriors have had throughout their run. But everyone is playing by the same rules.

Either guys are just chasing the money or they are in an unfair advantage because guys want to take less money and win right now. What side are you on? And can you be on both sides? No. No you can’t. If you don’t like the fact that Golden State is cleaning up, then finding another sport to follow.

I used to be a big NBA guy and the most recent lockout and subsequent inflated salaries turned me off a lot. College basketball is king for me. And there’s a lot of people who are in a similar boat with regards to football. Just consider how you would’ve felt about Golden State ten years ago. Would you have expected this kind of run? Would you have anticipated loathing them this much? Nope.

Parity is a thing. Big markets will reign supreme (as we see with Lebron James going to the Lakers), but there will be smaller markets that go on runs that do things a certain way. San Antonio has continued a remarkable run even since Tim Duncan’s retirement and you don’t see anyone crying about that. Moreover, these small market teams have the ability to make things work (Kansas City Royals and Leicester City come to mind) that might not have the same kind run but had similar money to deal with.

Also, consider that the Warriors didn’t want Dwight Howard. They knew what they were waiting for and they got it. Sure, without DeMarcus Cousins the Warriors would still be a heavy favorite to win the NBA title next year. But is it so bad that a guy is taking less money (though he obviously wouldn’t have been offered the max or anywhere close to it for half a year) to join a team and win a ring, then subsequently enter free agency in a year with a clearer idea of where his achilles and career are headed?

Stop being bitter. There’s no guarantee over Cousins’ or the Warriors’ future success. Is there a balance competitively that needs to be addressed? Not when everyone is given the same constructs to build a team around. Does it make it fun to watch? Probably not, but that’s a conscious decision we all make. And the whining that precipitates from such an event just makes it less desirable to deal with going forward.

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