Everything Doesn’t Suck

Everything Sucks Netflix

A few years ago Netflix came out with original series like House of Cards (though technically that wasn’t new), Orange is the New Black, and Bloodline. The streaming giant officially didn’t need content from other networks. Movie subscriptions were down but streaming was all the rage.

Then they started to pump out original content (i.e. Stranger Things, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why (though it was a book), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (even though I think it sucks), The Crown, Mindhunter, Lilyhammer (actually predating the boom), Grace and Frankie, and literally DOZENS more. So now when you look for new content there’s usually tons of ads that come up forcing a lot of different stuff down your throat.

Somewhere mixed in the fray of really worthwhile options is Everything Sucks. It’s basically a 90’s version of Freaks and Geeks but with seemingly less star power. Not saying this cast won’t produce the next James Franco/Jason Segel/Seth Rogen (and that’s just the primary cast), but this is a very honest take on what it was like as a boy in the mid-90’s (I sort of have some experience in that department).

Say you don’t love the premise and you think the acting/writing sucks (it doesn’t). Stay for the soundtrack to your life. Stay for the lingo you tossed away for some other bullshit that doesn’t mean anything. Stay for the ambiguous fashion and the weirdness surrounding sexuality and relationships.

There’s just so many layers to this show that maybe weren’t even intended. The nostalgia of the 90’s as a very curious decade with the preview of what ridiculousness that is Y2K and beyond was critical. Hopefully this is another one of many successful Netflix originals that gets renewed. And hopefully we get to follow the three nerdy dudes as they navigate through high school to the tune of rock/alternative rock!

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