Whine and Cheese

wine and cheese

So I went out on a date a few weeks ago with a girl (like 33) who I met on Instagram (I know, how millennial of me). We talked for a few days and it took a few failed attempts to connect as she was in a private sector job that had her working long hours and taking trips to random places regularly. But we got together on what was a Tuesday night and I told her to pick the place.

I walk into a wine and cheese restaurant to see this gorgeous girl waiting for me at the bar (seriously, like a 8 or 9- I don’t give 10s) and inviting me over with smiles. Knew it was her, but it makes these kinds of first physical meets way less awkward to me and those around us. So I sit down and she starts talking about wine. Not about how much we’re gonna drink or how much I really want to spend or even all the kinky shit we’re going to do after we finish said wine and go home.

No. She starts talking about where the wine comes from and the notes or whatever scents the wine has and what apps it might go well with. Once I can get her to shut the hell up and order something, she starts talking about her job. She works a mundane job that I have no interest in and couldn’t understand even if I wanted to. She talks about how she wants to move soon and how she can’t wait to get out and experience more things. She went on a trip to Southeast Asia recently and desperately wants to go back.

But eventually we get to talking about crazy things, mainly my stories, and how I’m lazy as fuck and just want to have a good time. She even offers to cover half her bill, but we’re having such a good time and she had previously mentioned her disdain for marriage (as she been married for several years but a few now removed)so I’m feeling this one. Literally everything goes well from there and we vibe and she’s hot as fuck so maybe I wasn’t paying really close attention to shit but we talk about going out again and I end up paying for everything because I think we’re going out again relatively soon.

We walk outside to say goodbye and it’s raining. I duck under her umbrella and lean for a kiss and she turns her cheek and says, “I’m a lady”. I can’t tell you how many “ladies” I’ve been on dates with who want some other dude to pull her hair before they sign the check. Give me a break. So I hit her up the next day or so later and she tells me that she only got friend vibes and didn’t see a reason to go on any more dates. The fuck? You couldn’t tell me that shit before I said I’d pay for everything. But I know, this shit comes back to breaking my own rules in making assumptions. Still, FBGM.

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