You Don’t Know Me

girl texting

Whether it’s the girls I’ve gone on dates with or the girls that I end up texting and getting nowhere there’s always someone who has reservations. You mean you were supposed to get married just five months ago? Yeah man, and I’m talking to you because I wanna move on. But there’s those girls that think they know everything. They probe everything you say and then find any excuse to tell you why it won’t work.

Case in point, I found myself talking to a girl the other day who had been fairly on dodgy and noncommittal with regards to actually planning a date. Instead of coming out with what she wanted to say she waited for me to ask what she might want to do. I forgot it had been a week since we’d planned the date because I’m literally going or planning dates all the time. What makes you special?

So she gets upset that I haven’t made any plans and uses that as means to blow it up and tell me that she thinks I “need some more time after your last relationship, but we can be friends”. The fuck? And her reasoning was that I came off bitter, angry, and jaded? Date someone for 5 years, get engaged, and then have them shit all over you in the middle of your bachelor party and then tell me you wouldn’t be those three things for a little while.

What a condescending C-U-next-Tuesday this girl (and others) have been. I’m allowed to be pissed without being hung up. Some people never get over that shit. Some people stay in bed for six months and some people do way fucking worse than have some moodiness and skepticism. The next time you want to tell me how I feel about something, don’t.

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