That Guy: Who Texts Nonstop

Dude texting

Okay dude, admit it. You’ve done that shit too. It’s tough sometimes when you’re impatient and you can literally see everything the broad you’re talking to is doing. But you gotta know when to cool it.

It’s easier in person because you can read social cues (or can you?) and basically figure out when to shut the hell up. But this guy doesn’t see the writing on the wall or understand that you’re just busy (or sleeping, or both) and if you just wait a little while things will be alright.

The one tough part of meeting a girl who you actually want to call the next day is that when you’re hype about someone like that it’s tough to just turn it off for a little bit. So the idea of pretending you are as into her as you were BEFORE you went on your first date (or less than) is just too tough a deal. But dudes gotta remember, you went X-amount of time without knowing her. You can deal with a little bit of time (even a day or two).

Honestly, it’s a tough thing. And I can attest to being that guy a time or two (even some of the others I’ve written about). Then again, coming out a near 5 year relationship where you were nearly married can be a little traumatic and any girl that holds that shit against me is a cold, cold, terrible human being.

But for serious. Just learn to play it cool. Give your phone to a bro and drink some beer. Do a fantasy football draft fo free (with waffle fries) and chill the fuck out. The last thing you wanna do is ruin any slight chance you had in the first place because you can’t deal, bro.

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