We Got Our Answer

Did anyone catch the airing of the Big 3 league on FS1 last night? Oh my god was that awful. In theory, three or three basketball of former NBA/pro players has some appeal. The new rules and 4-point shot makes it interesting, but that’s pretty much where it stops.

Everyone was out of shape and rusty as fuck. They were jacking shots from all over the court and shooting air balls left and right. I wasn’t sure whether I was watching middle school girls are grown men. The only real difference was that all the players had gray hair. And who was that rapper trying to spit bars? Ice Cube? Dude was struggling to rhyme things with the word “three. Terrible.Big 3

Forty-eight year old Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf came out of retirement to completely suck it up and a number of other fatties jumped in as well (I’m looking at YOU Michael Sweetney). Allen Iverson is typically always entertaining, but even he lacked a certain intrigue.

My advice would be to either bring back the And-1 Mixtape Tour or telecast on national TV (not just online) all of the games from The Tournament. That’s a better representation of former/current pros that are still hooping but doing so in a lax environment.

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