Washed Up

Not sure who has been pushing some comeback story narrative with Tiger Woods, but the dude has fallen faster and harder than John Daly ever did (and he actually came back to win- on the Seniors Tour- recently). Granted, Woods was the best in the world by far and for a long time.

But this recent DUI shouldn’t be a surprise. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that Woods’ reps are saying that alcohol wasn’t involved and that it was his meds in the system (mixed with alcohol). How crazy would it be if Tiger Woods was on meth? Dude looked strung out as fuck in his picture above. So maybe it’s a stretch, maybe not.

All I know is that if I had that kind of money at my disposal and no reason to care about people or what they think, I still wouldn’t be driving myself around. Coulda stuck to being a sex addict and been better off than this current version that we’re seeing.

Here’s hoping the next dominos to fall are as exciting as the ones when his ex took a nine iron to his car window. Besides, you know what makes even better stories than sad ones? Stories of revival and redemption. So yeah, it’s gonna suck that he sucks. And maybe he will never play golf again. But all his old fans are still waiting for that dominant figure to make golf interesting again.

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