Romp On


The male romper has taken the fashion world by storm for better or for worse. RompHim, a Kickstarter fund, is headed towards making their dream a reality whether they invented these item or not. Most of the haters come from those who wouldn’t be wearing them regardless of their identity.

So what’s to make of these male rompers? They are unlike female rompers as they have a zipper in the front so you can use the bathroom like a man. They aren’t cutoff onesies like what woman wear and will provide easy access when needed (wink wink).

What can be noted is that these aren’t for shy males. Rompers are typically worn for women weary of silhouettes as they drape women are don’t really create contours. The RompHim will allow the svelte dudes to adjust the waistline and offer a fitted feature that are essential for bros all over. If the prints are desirable then you’re listening to a guy that will be all over it. Stay tuned.

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