Macho Man

Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles

Manny Machado is one of the 3 best players in the game. Whether you think Mike Trout or Bryce Harper is better that’s your prerogative. But Machado is clearly one of baseball’s top talents. So why can’t the Boston Red Sox just calm the f down?

Dude has been thrown at 5 times through a handful of games (out of a total 19 the teams play this season) and that number is likely to go up as the season progresses. Yet the racist Boston faithful can’t get it through their thick skulls that this dude isn’t bad. Did he try to take out Dustin Pedroia last week? It appeared more like he was catching the guy but you’re entitled to your own opinions.

Manny is hardly as bad as a guy like Jose Bautista, who is constantly asking for the negative attention. Is Machado cocky? Hell yes. Wouldn’t you be? Is he obnoxiously confident? Not really. Certainly no more than the other greats in the game. And there’s an assertion from Boston fans that they could care less about the Orioles as a whole. Don’t people hate for a reason? Or are you just assholes?

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