An Unfortunate Sports Truth

Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks

Some people are inherently bad. Some people just make bad mistakes. For whichever kind of person you think these guys are, there’s a little bit of that in everyone. Carmelo Anthony and Aaron Hernandez were two of the more heavily discussed athletes of the week for different reasons.

Carmelo Anthony is splitting from his wife, TV personality La La, after seven years of marriage. Honestly, I think a lot of people saw this coming. And the fact that he may have gotten a stripper pregnant isn’t even all that unbelievable. It’s the fact that when asked his situation, Anthony would commonly claim that his wife was married but he wasn’t. What the literal fuck are you talking about?

Dude obvi needs to check out marriage in the Webster’s Dictionary. It’s one thing if they had an open relationship and open communication on this matter. But merely just doing what he wanted because he has the dick isn’t a feminist frame of mind at all. Good luck scoring on Tinder with that mindset, brah.

Aaron Hernandez New England PatriotsAnd too many people are pulling the “what about humanity?” card in defense of Aaron Hernandez. But what about humanity? What about the dude’s obvious disregard for Odin Lloyd the night he was hilled. Hernandez could give zero fucks about that and so there’s no reason to feel bad for anyone outside of his family.

Moreover, the evidence of the suicide is pretty damning. It’s tough to imagine someone killing Hernandez in his cell and then shutting the door and jamming stuff in the door before leaving. But one has to wonder why the dude would kill himself after being acquitted (probably through intimidation) of a double murder. He was probably going to get another trial for the Lloyd murder. Now we’ll never know.

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