That Guy: Who Will Never Get It

That Guy friend zone

There’s a piece of all of us in him. He just can’t get things right. When he likes someone, he goes all out. Honestly, he’s the guy you’d want your sister to date or the guy you only hope is one of your best friends (provided he’s not too weird). But when it comes to relationships, this guy just will never get it.

And what do I mean? I mean he might text a few times when the girl he’s talking to is busy with work or otherwise but never tells him that much. He might do something unheard of, like buy flowers for no reason or make mix CDs (or Spotify?). And he might write some two page diatribe (that even those dickheads on Reddit would be jealous of) in admiration for said girl.

At the end of the day, until he’s a certain age and a confident woman can be patient and understand, he won’t find someone who appreciates him. He’ll be labeled clingy and needy and creepy and he won’t know why. His intentions are good but his delivery just isn’t. Being good with words on paper doesn’t nullify a need for understanding social cues.

This guy will never get it because his friends and the girls he pursues know he’s a nice guy. They don’t want to hurt his feelings and he’s actually a dude who would have his feelings hurt. Not only is he friend-zoned, he is the friend zone. Eventually he will figure it out. He might even become a lothario of sorts. But until then he will continue to be the guy who will never get it.

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