For the Fashion-Conscious Male:Button-Downs

men's button down

For those keeping score, it’s been a few years since I’ve kept up with this particular edition, but here goes. If there’s one article of clothing in men’s fashion that has endless looks, it’s the button-down. You just can’t go wrong. Whether it’s with jeans and loafers, a suit and tie, or shorts and flops; there’s just too many options.

One look that has gained some steam in the past 6 or so months is the Canadian tuxedo look. Now I’m not saying you want to match your denims both top and bottom, but having two different color or style jeans is a good look. It’s fashionable, casual, and edgy all in one.

Another good look is finding the extra wear and tear in all those starched shirts you pay an arm and a leg to get done weekly. Ten years later my fashion trends are finally finding some purpose. But seriously, you can find a decent looking cotton button-down at any run of the mill store (i.e. J.Crew, Bonobos, etc.). It’s the dressier companies you want to take a look at that will fill out those wardrobes and add a def pop to your daily outfits.

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