So Big, So What?

My 600 lb Life

I don’t why, but I can’t stop watching My 600-lb. Life. The show on TLC about people weighing 600 pounds or more chronicles there journey and struggle over a period of at least a year. Sometimes they have extended stories and others are just better left at one year.

It’s not like Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition. They don’t have a month or two of in-home training and they typically don’t give up their jobs (if they still have them) merely to participate in the show. And you see all the ups and downs (which there are usually a lot of both).

Still, it’s fascinating how someone can let themselves go so big. These people usually have a lot of other health issues weighing (pun intended) them down. Unfortunately there aren’t always success stories, but the intriguing part is how others deal with these people and enable/hurt their significant others. Anyways, if you have a chance to binge-watch a show rather than another night of Friends or Law and Order: SVU then do yourself a favor of flip on My 600-lb. Life.

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