Free For All


As free agency nears and the official 2017 NFL season begins we take a look at the most important position on the field and how some teams will be looking to improve without spending tons on a draft pick.

Tony Romo. While I like the idea of Romo heading to LA and giving Jared Goff a run for his money, there’s plenty of other more realistic options that will surface before that one. Going to Kansas City, where Alex Smith is publicly the lead dog, won’t make tons of sense in a system that needs a QB with the ability to move outside pocket. Where will he end up? Denver. Neither Trevor Siemian nor Paxton Lynch have what it takes to contribute to a winning team this year. Siemian is limited and should be dropped. Lynch has the physical tools but needs more time. Romo will bridge the gap, get the ball to Emmanuel Sanders and Demauryius Thomas and the defense will pick it back up (in a perfect world).

Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick. Someone’s going to want him. Does he make sense starting anywhere? Not really? Then again look who the Bears had as backup options last year. You could always do worse. And I still think Kaepernick has something left in the tank. The question is, can he lead an offense in this current NFL? He had an elite defense when he went to the Super Bowl in 2012. He’s going to need the right system to thrive. My guess? It will be as a backup with a good chance to start in a situation like Houston where they have talent everywhere except QB or Miami where Ryan Tannehill still hasn’t quite cemented himself as the franchise quarterback.

JimmyGaroppoloJimmy Garoppolo. Who knows if he’s really any better than Jacoby Brissett or Ryan Mallet (of a few years ago)? He could very well be Matt Cassel, but betting the farm might not be the best idea. Still, he’s going to make a ton of money if he’s given the chance. Look for him to stick with the Patriots and wait patiently for Brady to step down (a la Aaron Rodgers). While Brady has said he’d like to play till he’s 45, you can never have too many good options. And the Pats aren’t the kind of team that will give up on talent (though they are the kind of team who will take a chance on guys with issues).

Kirk CousinsKirk Cousins. Why is he in this category? Well, he’s been franchised and he needs to be signed. And he’s not exactly someone the Redskins know they can afford. It appears as though he may very well be traded. If it doesn’t happen it won’t be a surprise, but it also won’t surprise if he does. Think about Kyle Shannahan moving on to San Fran and the potential for a reunion on the West Coast. Cousins is a good player and he’s worth a first round pick. The better question is, what would Washington’s backup plan be?

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