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Wednesday is the primetime night of the week (sorry Sunday). They aren’t all award-winning dramas, but the shows that I am tuning into every week are falling on Wednesday night. This is what you’re missing out on if you don’t know already.

Alaskan Bush People. They’re ridiculous and somewhere between funny or endearing. And regardless of whether they’re “real Alaskans”, the lower 48 doesn’t live in anything close to what they endure. Whether it’s humbling or entertaining, it’s worth tuning in.

The 100. Survivalist shows haven’t gotten old yet and this is just another good example of a show that keeps reinventing itself to stay relevant. It’s pretty ridiculous and jumps from a world of no technology to that of the most advanced. Plus, who doesn’t love a good lesbian romp every now and then (thank you Clarke).

Workaholics Comedy CentralWorkaholics. On their final season you knew that Anders, Blake, and Adam would pull out all the stops. Luckily, this season is surprisingly good (whereas the past couple have been dumb/excessive). Back to the slapstick type shit that made them funny in the first place. Happy to hear some good one-liners once again.

Are You The One. Guilty pleasure? Akin to Bad Girls Club, there’s really no point of this show other than to see a bunch of people hook up and fight. Yeah, they are supposedly playing for money but that’s not really interesting. What’s funnier is watching these kids fight over “relationships” that have spawned over a couple days at a time (they filmed for like 5 weeks total).

Law and Order: SVU. Much to Mariska Hargitay’s chagrin, there haven’t been any big stories worth copying for the long-time drama and thus the writers have had to get creative (which they aren’t really good at doing). Still, I regularly check in for Ice-T one-liners.

Legion. Fucking badass. If you haven’t watched it yet there’s still time to realistically catch up without binge-watching your life away. Only three episodes in, the new FX original based on the X-Men series is making all your dreams come true with sick special effects and imaginative backstories that make me upset that the show is only an hour long.

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