What’s A Millennial?


So I read somewhere that millennials are considered to be early 80s and onward, but it’s the generation is actually considered to have started as early as the late 70s. Either way, it’s all horse shit. Let’s be honest. The only things you ever hear about millennials are bad and most of revolves around technology and privilege.

Furthermore, there’s no fucking way I belong in this grouping. Bumper stickers on Facebook walls were popular when I was in college and MySpace was still a thing. The real millennials probably don’t know what either of those things are. And I only got trophies when I won something (which I did a fair amount of the time as young athlete).

It’s gotta be the negative connotations that permeate as a result of the word millennial. But that means tons of people are somehow lumped into the same grouping as their children (which might be even weirder). So Gen X and the Baby Boomers lasted like 20 years each and yet somehow we are stuck in this generation. The fuck?!?

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