Slap on the Ankle

Grayson Allen tripping Duke

This is why we hate Duke. Grayson Allen got a one-game suspension and the Blue Devils proceeded to stomp Georgia Tech last night at home by a score of 110-57. They didn’t need him to do that. But it was Krzyzewski’s last game before his back surgery and time off, so they had to let everyone play, right?

What kind of punishment is one game? This little fucker is going to do something stupid again and throw a temper tantrum again. He’s a pain in the ass who has to get his way or else. And Rattigan (from The Great Mouse Detective, that’s what Krzyzewski looks like) should have some higher standards and moral ground than to let him get away with it.

It’s not enough that they have a handful of big recruits in this freshmen class (Tatum, Giles, Bolden, Jackson) added to a core of Kennard, Jefferson, Jones, and a few other miscellaneous big men. They apparently need all of their bags of dicks to play. And Duke will likely go on to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament because they are very good. But why make this sacrifice so early?

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