Facebook Lives Matter

BLM Kidnapping Chicago

If you haven’t heard about the Facebook Live kidnapping that was streamed by Chicago teen Brittany Covington then you might want to avoid any videos available. Three other assailants along with Herring, 18, were involved and seen laughing and yelling and berating the special needs white guy in the video.

The group of 4 apparently knew the kid from school and he willingly jumped into their van on Saturday after he had been dropped off by his parents at a nearby McDonald’s. He was then kept for 48 hours before an unknown individual called the cops on these kids.

The video shows one of the males cutting a piece of the kid’s head while they laugh and jab and beat the kid down. The same guy also threatens to slash the white kid’s throat and they yell,
“Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people”, because all white people voted for Trump. Not that these idiots voted themselves.

Who knows whether this kid was mentally handicapped or just slow. Hell, I am technically special needs. I needed extra time on tests in college and such. Not making this any less terrible. But it’s worth noting in case things have been sensationalized or otherwise. Still, this is just made worse as there has been an insinuation that Black Lives Matters has some affiliation, though there is no evidence.

The 4 have been charged with a hate crime and should get a much worse fate. To add insult to injury, Facebook said that they reviewed the live streaming video and concluded that it didn’t violate any of their terms. The fuck?!? Did they have to follow through with killing him to do something illegal?

The three other idiots arrested were Jordan Hill, 18, Tesfaye Cooper, 18, and Tanishia Covington, 24. Here’s hoping bad things happen to group of bad individuals.

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