Seen It Before

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Did anyone else bother to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? I DVR’d it for the female half and even she couldn’t stand 20 minutes of the thing. It’s literally the most boring spectacle on TV and whether it was the time difference (filmed in Paris) or just the utter lack of intrigue of the whole, the timeslot (10pm) was more than fitting.

Go back 10 years or so (or whenever the show started airing on TV) and think about what made it so exciting? Did you really want to see the new style and trend of underwear? Fuck no. You wanted to see the almost naked boobs and butts of the hottest women on the planet. And then 2016 happened (really way earlier, but we will settle).

Stick figures might be what the ladies still want to be like (even in this era of global body acceptable) but men really could care less. And even if the bodies were the ideal for each and every individual man and not the barely legal camera whores of the Kardashians (and Hadids) it still wouldn’t matter. Why? The internet.

You can find whatever you want on the internet. Any kind of porn or pictorials to keep you busy well past the allotted hour that this pathetic excuse for an event was showcasing. It didn’t help that the anti-boner Lady Gaga was singing (sad songs) and Bruno Mars and The Weeknd (why not “e” at the end?) accompanied her. If I wanted to watch the MTV Video Music Awards I would’ve done it.

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