Apocalypse Now

Donald Trump President

Congratulations idiots, you did it! Donald Trump is President of the United States. What the fuck just happened? Not to say that Hillary Clinton was going to be tons better, but this is a joke. This election proves that we are even further away from having another minority or female elected any time soon. Dude gave the middle finger to the USA and still got the votes.

Typically, the updates on the voting process and electoral votes is all a sham. The proceedings tend to be an afterthought as its never reeeally a surprise what happens. And yet, this year was a bit more than a surprise. An election supposed to be won in a landslide is closer than expected and Trump comes through the victor.

Guess we can look for to a wall up on Mexico, the rich getting richer, and a good relationship with Russia. But what else will this guy do? We can confidently say that it won’t be as bad as you think. When Obama was first elected the real threat of assassination was on everyone’s mind. Extremists with radical ideas were a real problem. But that never came to fruition.

So one threat faded as another will likely do so again. How do we address a guy with no game? How do we address having a pres with terrible hair? How about a guy that was fucking fool on his game show? How much will other countries be mocking us now?!?

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