Getting In His Own Way

John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens lost another tough game yesterday against the New York Giants after Odell Beckham Jr. took an Eli Manning pass over the middle of the field and went 75 yards for a winning touchdown. Just last week, head coach John Harbaugh fired offensive coordinator Marc Trestman and put Marty Mornhinweg in the same position.

You can blame the three game slide on penalties (there’s been a lot of them), an offensive line with tons of injuries, and an offense that could never get going (and in some cases couldn’t sustain good starts). But at some point the blame needs to go on the coach.

The Ravens don’t suck that much. They’ve had some close games already (not like last year) and have some talented young guys finally showing their ability. Unfortunately Baltimore has a coach, John Harbaugh, who can’t help but attempt to outdo his Super Bowl winning campaign.

To make matters worse, it appears he is constantly trying to prove that he’s the better Harbaugh. And there’s no doubt that Jim Harbaugh is the better coach. John won in the Super Bowl. That should be enough to feel good about. Instead of giving up an automatic 3 points from one of the league’s best kickers he goes for it on 4th down when taking the points would go a long way (and probably would’ve been the difference in the final score).

When John Harbaugh is faced with yet another 4th down and a tight game one would think he would slow down and rethink his thought process. Rather than playing it safe, Harbaugh has tried time and again to be a big shot and win the game (albeit it’s usually not the fourth quarter). Either the dude steps down or he gets his head out of his ass and stops making decisions that hurt his team.

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