Right Swipe

Zac Efron Tinder

Is it a surprise that most girls are too stupid and untrusting to not think that Zac Efron could be real on Tinder? Perhaps it’s all those bots that fuck with your mind and then find some other weird way of contacting you and then attempting to take advantage. But does that shit happen to girls?

Sure, maybe Zac is so good looking that you’d assume he can bang whomever he so chooses. But it doesn’t appear that it is the case. Hell, James Franco was on Tinder not long ago. Or was it Instagram? Who really gives a fuck?

Now every slut with no conscience and/or a need to breed is “back” on Tinder. That’s like the girl who has a bio saying she “just downloaded this app” or “her friends made it for her because it’s not something she normally does”. I bet you’ve never blacked out and blown the entire football team either. I bet Hillary Duff got as many dates as actings gigs she’s been getting.

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