Cup O’ Blow

coffee blow job

Through all the Brexit shit that has made England look like complete idiots, it’s ideas like the Coffee and Blow Job  establishment slated to open in London that redeems the old chaps. Yes, you heard that correctly, a place to get a cup of coffee and a blow job from a lady of your choosing.

So you walk into this establishment and pick a girl from a long list of options. You sit down with the morning paper. And then you unzip your pants and get a happy ending from some chick in front of a bunch of other dudes.

Apparently there’s a private cubicle of sorts for those that may have stage fright. And while I may not be keen on the idea of getting off in front of a bunch of other guys imagine how the girls must feel. Degrading much? But assuming you don’t give a fuck about their feelings, how awesome is this place?

It’s basically like going to college and playing basketball or football, except you have to pay for coffee. Can you say best idea ever? Well, probably not. But it certainly may take some time to catch on.

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