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Cleveland Indians

Don’t blink now but the city of Cleveland is on a roll. This is typically how it goes. One team picks up some steam and the rest of the collective karma trends towards the positive. Not only have the Cavaliers given Cleveland sports fans at least 2 years of worry-free fandom, but now the Indians appear to be making their move.

While Jonathan Lucroy didn’t want to be a part of any Cleveland magic, Andrew Miller was picked up from the Yankees (for two of their top three prospects) and the Indians don’t exactly appear to be done wheeling and dealing just yet.

Is it possible that the Browns could put together a good year with the two-headed laugher that is their QB depth chart? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not. But the Steelers are dealing with drama from Le’Veon Bell and have already lost Martavis Bryant. The defense is getting better but still isn’t very good.

The Bengals are a tough team with some real talent. And yet they can’t win in the postseason. And Baltimore still has to prove their guys can get through a full season healthy/are back to full health. The door is open.

No one is going to anoint the Indians as World Series favorites just yet, but the cause for positive thoughts is totally a realistic thing. So we look forward to the way the season and maybe Believeland is for real.

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