Do the ‘Do

sporty girl ponytail

Butter faces look so good from afar, but her face. Have you ever realized that the same method applies for girls with different hair styles? It’s true. And it’s all relative. The more effort you put into looking good, then the better you’re going to look. It’s science, man!

Chicks with hair in an up-do pony tail used to be the Jersey Shore bump-it ones that you either didn’t want to touch to a 10-foot pole or the ones that you would call when times were troubling. But more recently, they’ve become the girls looking sporty, feeling sporty, and able to keep up in the sack.

ugly girl hair down red head
Because I don’t like gingers.

The classic hair down look is great when you’re going out on the town, but who needs to see broads from far away at night? And who’s really looking? Unless they’re headed to or from work, then they’re likely trying to hide something. An ugly face maybe?

Short hair doesn’t constitute being a lesbian and even then how many lesbians are “lesbians” anymore, am I right? Still, if you can’t tell from behind that the short-haired thing 20 feet down the sidewalk is a girl, then there’s a reason she’s walking by herself.

bowl cut women hair
This is probably too classy for what I’m even referring to, but you get the picture.

And finally, the quintessential female bowl-cut that is usually frequented by country-folk (or just poorer white people/really trashy salons or Great Clips) is a good indication that you’re living the simple life. Simple girl, simple personality, not much on the surface.

Maybe that’s what you want. She will be subordinate as fuck. But will she come up with the idea all on her own of going out with friends while you watch football? Probs not, bruh.


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