Heat Exhaustion

baby in hot car

So why are people still so dumb? Maybe that’s a dumber question in the first place. But in the Summer it gets hot. Sometimes it gets up over 90 or 100 degrees. If you have car with black interior (or even if not) it will probs get hot as hell if you turn the car off and leave something in it.

Oh yeah, the point of this post….kids keep dying in cars because their parents are fucking idiots. Seriously, how the fuck does this keep happening? There’s totally ways to avoid this kinda thing. Like fucking watching your kids until they grow up and can watch themselves.

This is probably the wrong time to bring this up, but do you remember all the jokes about dead babies? I never got those. How the fuck was that funny? It was high school (I think) so we we supposedly intellectual enough to come up with something better.

Anyways, if you have a car and you have a baby, then don’t leave the baby in the car. That shit is illegal if its 70 and breezy and you leave the windows slightly ajar. Even if there’s no danger to their life, you don’t know what could happen. People really suck at not sucking.

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