Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go

Since when did it become “cool” to identify with Pokemon Go? As recent as 10 years ago it was at its height for little kids (though it’s never really left in popularity). Even then, the fuck is a card game really make it worth going out of your way to find these little fucks?

Finding all characters doesn’t win you the lottery. Might get you a few high-end ComiCon sluts. Or it might make you cool with your little relative. But what does this shit actually do? Does it hack your phone and personal information?

It seems as though as all the tracking and freedom is lost in letting someone pin-point where you are at all times. And sure, the same goes for various dating apps, but those don’t tell you where to go street by street or send you searching for some lame avatar sitting in a yard that causes you to trespass or break into someone’s home.

Beyond the fact that I’ve been out of it for a week on business and will likely meet the same fate this coming week, I was still very curious to see random dudes with bros walking around the city looking at their phones and dressed in pajamas. You have that bad of a night, dude?

Why would anyone want to walk around looking for Pokemon? Or maybe no one is and it’s just some weird phenomenon like girls on dating apps that “like pizza and tacos” (because you’re getting it for free from any self-respecting guy). Whatever the reason, this shit is going to be the next way creepers lure unaware victims into strange places to never been seen again. Good luck finding a waste of time.

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