Praise and Prejudice

Justin Timberlake

If you’re looking for a villain amidst a racial divide that has only become more evident on social media and beyond on the past couple years, there’s obvious people worth directing that ire and anger towards; Justin Timberlake.

Makes sense, right? He couldn’t possibly be happy for Jesse Williams’ award acceptance and speech at the BET Awards a week ago. Or could he? Perhaps he was just legitimately inspired and otherwise happy for someone continuing to strive for good things in the world.

Instead, this was a perfect opportunity for those looking to blame anyone and everyone for not using “their platform” for good. It’s wrong to appropriate music and culture for your own good because that’s what he was doing making his music (sarcasm font).

The better question is this: what is a white person or a black person? What personality or physical traits define them? And why does any race or culture need to own anything? It’s obviously that underlying feeling that you get when you walk down the street and see people. But does appropriation need to be universal?

Not for Justin Timberlake or anyone else making music, that’s for sure. Music is the language of vocal artists and no one has copyrights to any of that shit. While Timberlake surely could make more humanitarian efforts for the greater good of equality, so could several other people of every race, religion, etc.

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