Bro-N Appetite:BBQ Burger with Lemon Pepper Bacon Aioli

Chuck beef (the fattier the better it cooks)
BBQ sauce, Romano cheese
Old Bay
brown sugar
1 Egg
lemon juice

1. The burger- mix in the beef, a little BBQ sauce, grate out the Romano cheese, shake some Old Bay (I freestyle everything). Then toss in some brown sugar and honey for the added sweetness. Then proceed to pack the shit out of the burgers. The lack thing you want is a flimsy burger that’s going to fall apart the second you put it in a pan or on the grill.

2. Make the lemon pepper bacon aioli. Cook the bacon till it’s crispy but not burnt, then save the bacon fat/grease. Slice and dice and mince the crap out of the garlic (no more than 2 cloves). Throw some mayonnaise, the excess bacon grease, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic in a mixing bowl and then whisk/whip until a thicker texture.

3. IMG_1189Concurrently prepare burger patty and sunny-side up egg. Once cooked to your liking, toast a burger roll till its golden brown and spread some of the aioli onto the top bun. Place that burger on the bottom bun and the egg on top and you’re welcome.



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