Money to Blow

Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder

There used to be a time when the NBA was fascinating. Watching the “best athletes” in the world run up and down the court for 48 minutes really was a show. And then social media came and the filters on these guys just went out the window. Slightly before that was an issue there was a strike/lockout that put everything into perspective. Intensifying that view is the yearly frenzy that is repulsive and distasteful if nothing else.

Free agency in the NBA is upon us and the second year in a three-year spike in salary cap means that players you have never heard of will continue to command more money to play basketball. Meanwhile you see Instagram posts on Delonte West being homeless/just a dude giving money to the homeless in Houston. Remember that time it was realistic to think that you could live the rest of your life off on a million dollars? That’s still not ridiculous, though it might be pushing it.

This season has guys like Kent Bazemore getting upwards of 20 million dollars a year. Wait, what? The guy has some upside and is still young, but he sort of started for a decent team on Atlanta in a weak Eastern Conference. So how did it get to this? Back in the day Michael Jordan (while still relevant and with the Chicago Bulls) was commanding 30 million dollars for a single season. Yeah, I understand the market has changed and MJ would get probably 50 million for a single season at this point. But it’s excessive to see guys like Jeremy Lin (who isn’t even good enough to start in Charlotte) get 12 million a year for 3 years. That shit is guaranteed almost every time!

Meanwhile back in reality, everyone is poor as fuck and scrapping to carve out careers with skills that they weren’t just fucking born with. Then you have Bradley Beal who is either lights out as a shooter or can’t hit the side of a barn, but somehow is getting 26 million a year to play for the Wizards. How about Timofey Mozgov? The dude has switched teams so many times in the last year I didn’t realize he was still on a team. Well, he’s getting 64 million over 4 years to continue being less than mediocre.

Long story short, if I see any current NBA player on a documentary, or infomercial, or day time talk show talking about having a tough life with the daily grind and being broke; then all I’m going to do is laugh. Where did all this money go? Hell, where did it come from? With another year of spiked salary caps next year the same disgusting deal will take place and no-names will receive big contracts just because the money is there to spend. Just how much will Kevin Durant command?

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