My Social Skills Are Dwindling

Awkward dudes

Seriously. It’s like I can’t talk to people in public anymore. I’m so used to communicating via text (rather than through a voice call) or applying for jobs online (rather than beating down someone’s door to get an interview). It’s like I’ve been conditioned to being a fucking social ruh-tard.

And I’m not alone. It’s not that guys are getting fucked by society rather than the girls they meet at the bar because they can’t talk in person, that’s more because they just suck. The real reason people can’t talk is because they can’t relate. If you had the prior knowledge of a Tinder profile or a Facebook outline then there’s a decent chance you might find something interesting to talk about.

I know, I know, having confidence is important, but what about all those other people you aren’t trying to fuck? Unless you swing both ways, which is whatever dude. But finding a way to communicate that has any kind of transcendence is the only legitimate way to not look like an asshole.

Now being an asshole is probably a strong-suit of yours but that doesn’t mean you need to just skip steps to talk to people. I can’t  imagine having nothing to say in public, but technology is both a gift and a curse. Social media gives you commonalities to forge bonds on bullshit that might’ve been an interest a hundred years ago, but it also provides a look into your everyday life. And if you overshare still, then there’s a good chance you will just be a broken fucking record reiterating and regurgitating the lame story you posted on your timeline and via pictures on Instagram.

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