Reversed Roles

Gender Roles College Graduatie Job Market

As if young kids coming out of college needed life to be any harder, gender roles make it tough for bros to fall into easy jobs that might otherwise stopgap their lives’ between grad school and adulting. If you want to say that secretary/administrative assistant and babysitter/nanny are professions that set women back years then you wouldn’t be wrong. But there’s tons of guys just wishing they could find such an easy (and usually decent paying job) with a chance for advancement (as a secretary) or limited effort (as a nanny).

Seriously, how easy are entry-level positions compared to ones that require more degrees and certifications than you can count? But a guy answering a phone? Unheard of. Or a manny taking care of kids? There must be something off. Even worse, a manny who is straight. Not that there’s particular classifications of pedophiles (unless there are).

Can you count on more than two hands how many separate jobs guys straight out of college can walk right into? I mean, obvi there’s some comp when you’re applying for anything ever. It’s just not the same when experience is more likely trumped by a calming or comfy personality and the ability to deal with chaos.

The obvious other side of things deals with the lack of female CEOs, and I get it. But what you do and how driven you are to get where ya wanna go can overtake those situations whereas simply having less options because of various gender stigmas fucks us every time.

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