About Time

Draymond Green Golden State Warriors

It might not have been the most worthy offense for a one-game suspension, but the flagrant foul that caused this ban has been coming for a long time. Draymond Green is a premier defender (and talented offensive player) who makes plays with technical skill just as much as with his athleticism. He’s playing the undersized stretch-4 that became prevalent when the Heat last won the title and he’s doing it even better than the guy that is the reason for it, Lebron James.

But like many great (yes, great) defensive players before him, Green has a mean streak and an attitude that is larger than life. He talks more than Steven Adams and he makes a bigger impact on both ends of the floor than DeMarre Carroll. He’s quite possibly an All-NBA player and a part of a young nucleus with room to grow. Yet, these over the top reactions and Dennis Rodman-esque technical fouls are making the Warriors look like the bad guys.

LeBron James was never the guy everyone wanted to root for, but somehow that’s starting to take shape. Everyone wants to look at Stephen Curry as “The Baby-Faced Assassin” but he’s really talking shit to a 6’8 260 lb. monster on national television and asking us to close our eyes. And Draymond’s actions are just making things worse. Instead of kicking people in the groin and making love taps in the unmentionables perhaps he should just go ahead and donate another 5 mill to Michigan State.

There’s actually a debate over whether it makes a fucking difference whether he’s around for the game because they might clinch. Yes, they MIGHT clinch. But if he’s really worried about the $500 he’s gotta pay for walking on the court after the game then he’s a bigger dick than we think. I actually was indifferent to Golden State prior to this series. They are slowing digging a grave that most teams on top earn for being d-bags. Good luck to you sirs.

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