That Guy: The Nerd Douche

the nerd douche

It’s not like it’s a surprise that anyone can be a dick, but this particular kind of dude just really gets under your skin. It really has less to do with your insecurities than it does with his. And he’s sure to tell you about it at every opportunity.

The nerd douche can be found in bars across America with girls that think he’s just a nice guy with a good (sometimes great) job who doesn’t get a fair shake because he likes anime and his best friend is his mother. That same guy will secretly be making humping gestures on side to all the dudes that could probs steal the broad away in no time if it were all about looks (but isn’t it?).

These guys are really the worst because when they’re being dicks it’s not on purpose. How many bros do you know that are actually decent human beings that understand how certain females work? Most guys have to put in some effort to suck at life, but guys with years of pent-up sexual aggression and overall disdain for the women that they so covet just come by this shit naturally.

He doesn’t really suck until real life comes calling and job-flaunting is all he’s about. If he can’t flex the size of his manhood then he’s most likely doing it at the bar. Honestly, if you can tolerate some bullshit from a guy that will either be full-on hipster or a fucking square then you might actually enjoy his friendship. It’s funny laughing at people when they get turned down for being awkward as fuck and socially inept.

If you have ever been in contact with that guy then you know exactly what you’re dealing with. He’s a sociopath at his best and pathetic hypocrite at his worst. There’s no coming back from what you were because no one really gives a fuck. Instant gratification causes everyone to look past the past and only give a shit about what’s right in front of them. Perhaps this dude should just lay off the insults and ask his mom for advice on dating.


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