Must Not See TV

Russell Westbrook NBA

The NBA better pray that Golden State pulls out a win or Oklahoma City and that Cleveland beats Toronto one way or another. Prior to the fifth game in both respective series, both teams were facing pivotal games certain to shake things up.

Had the Warriors lost they would’ve gone home. Already with 5 losses in substantially less games than the 82 that only yielded 9 losses, Golden State has been slowed down by an obvious Stephen Curry injury. Coupled with a headcase showcase by Draymond Green (who should’ve been suspended, TWICE), the Warriors have lacked much visible sense of urgency and needed last night’s victory to right the ship.

Conversely, the Cavaliers are on the right side of a 3-2 advantage and intend on staying that way. So far teams at home have won every game in this particular series and Toronto has been exceptionally feisty in front of their own crowd. Kyle Lowry has been able to make big shots, but has been forcing a lot in their losses. DeMar DeRozan is the guy to keep an eye on as well as any other capable guy in the front court.

Will Kyrie Irving get the last laugh? Or will Drake send out some Instagram insult yet again to annoy every sports in the history of time? My money is on the Cavs breaking through with another big shooting night with the defense being the key late in the game.

For the Warriors to come back from their own 3-2 deficit, keeping Russell Westbrook in check is paramount. Let Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka and whatever other dude get theirs. Hell, let Kevin Durant walk all over you because he will. But unless Durant plays like a more vintage (and we can all agree he hasn’t been dominant this year) version then it’s going to be up to Westbrook to be productive. When Russ doesn’t shoot well, it usually leads to other things being a bit off. He’s hoping the NBA Finals isn’t as boring as the rest of the season has been.

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