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Looks Whos Back Adolf Hitler

Look Who’s Back likely isn’t a mystery in Germany, but for any curious American with a Netflix account and two free hours might want to take a look. Similar to Borat, this German mockumentary follows Adolf Hitler as he wakes up in 2014 and doesn’t know what the fuck is going on.

Somehow filmmakers find a way to make a completely unfunny subject hilarious by easing the tension and not going too hard on The Jewish Question. Instead, they focus on making Hitler hilarious and relatively human. In that, he seems like a real person and not that sadistic fucking psychopath that he was in reality.

Then again, the guerilla-style approach that the filmmakers take to shooting scenes in Berlin and throughout Germany show how okay Germans are with Hitler 70 years after completely fucking their entire existence. How can people forget the atrocities of many? Yes, this really is just making fun of everyone. But there’s a serious part of this that makes you really worry about humanity.

Hitler discovers YouTube and reality TV, he gets introduced to modern politics and where things are headed, and somehow Germany is indirectly made fun of throughout. Sounds like every good comedy that features U.S. government. But much like Bruno and anything else Sacha Baron Cohen, the movie points out how ridiculous we are and just how critical we can be when we think nobody is watching.

Imagine learning to use a cell phone, computer, etc., etc. Then imagine you still think you are in charge of an entire country and race. Now imagine you are a delusional, over the top dude who must assimilate accordingly. The clip below is reason enough to watch.

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