All the Buzz: Bumble Is the New Tinder

Bumble dating app

As different social media platforms become more and more notorious for various kinds of people, Bumble is the next big thing in apps for dating/whatever you’d typically use it for. Gone are the days of web-based dating sites and pay-walled features (not that anyone ever does that) designed to make it seem like you’re actually paying for a leg up.

Like it or not, the Tinders of the world have taken over and finding other singles out on the town for anything more than a hookup has about as good odds as Leicester City winning the Premier League Championship (oh wait). But Bumble has taken over as the new honest way to find whatever it is that you’re looking for, and guys aren’t the only whores.

The app works this way: just like Tinder both guys and girls swipe in a particular direction to match up with people they find attractive. You can write whatever it is that you want and people are shown within a certain distance from your search settings. But different than Tinder (and other countless apps) is that there is no chance for guys to send a ridiculous/creepy as fuck first message.

That’s right, the females control it all and they only have 24 hours to do so or the match is abandoned and lost forever (or until you decide to match again). So that doesn’t mean that the awkward messages aren’t sent, it just means that the bros are the ones sending them. And we know that chicks want to get laid just as much, it’s just now it’s up to them to make that happen.

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