That Guy: With No Shame

guy with no shame Al Bundy Married With Children

Honestly, this guy really is like a mastered mashup version of every stingy bastard you’ve ever met. He’s the guy that you can count on doing/saying/bringing up an idea related to something so over the top that you just let it happen. He’s cheap, he’s a dick, he doesn’t think before he speaks, and he sometimes is so unselfish that he’s really just selfish (because that makes sense in my head). It’s the guy with no shame.

The amazing thing is that he still gets laid. Maybe it’s because he’s so care-free that women find it admirable or dangerous. Maybe they just don’t give a fuck (like him) and they read it as confidence rather than disregard for any and everyone else. Somehow it works out for him and even when it doesn’t it really does.

So how is the guy with no shame so endearing and successful? Because you are so busy being worried about what he’s doing it makes you less desirable. His charm is really in his lack of charm. The fresh viewpoint of someone who gives zero fucks works once in a while (or every night with a different girl) if played right. Unfortunately, this guy will consistently have to care so little that things always work out.

Do you have a friend that never pays for tabs, doesn’t mind coming to your house for parties, isn’t worried what girls know each other (even if they are all in your social circle), and wants everyone to believe that he’s naive to everything that happens? Yeah, that guy just isn’t the best friend (or anything else for that matter).

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