Pay For What You Get

Skip Bayless ESPN FSN

In the midst of all the drama that’s taken place with Michael Strahan walking away from The Kelly and Michael Show and becoming a member of Good Morning America (didn’t even realize that was still a thing), another big name in daytime talk shows has switched networks and gravitated towards the big bucks.

Skip Bayless is moving to Fox Sports Net (FSN) from ESPN and leaving Stephen A. Smith to argue with himself (which he basically does anyway). But what’s really astonishing isn’t that a guy who has some of the dumbest comments/opinions in sports commentary is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to help attempt to save the struggling network.

How much money, you ask? Between 5 and 6 million dollars. It’s fucking crazy. Imagine how reputable sports minds have been forced to process this information. Sports radio is the real deal and those guys make a fraction of what Bayless is likely to make per show over their entire year. To put this into perspective, Skip is about to make about as much money per year as the first pick in the NFL Draft, Jared Goff. What a joke.

ESPN has recently lost names like Colin Cowherd (who doesn’t like Dominicans), Mike Tirico (who is synonymous with golf for some reason), and Bill Simmons (who was the only good writer outside of Grantland that the entire brand was affiliated with).

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