Mask Optional

Laremy Tunsil NFL Draft

Who else thinks the gas mask Laremy Tunsil was wearing in the video via Instagram (that was posted just before the NFL Draft_ is a metaphor for what is to come? Tunsil had a sketchy past already. He didn’t need to follow it up with an “allergic reaction” the next day. Can we all just assume the worst and guess that it wasn’t something stupid like that. Imagine all those times your car broke down or you had food poisoning and couldn’t make it to class in college.

Dude has some serious talent and it might pay off to some degree. Many experts think this guy has the ability to be the most ready to play as well as the longest-tenured pro based on skillset. But there are tons of other guys with that same billing that can’t keep it together in the pros. No one wants to pick up any of these domestic assault guys and Rolando McClain had to get several chances for one good year (with no telling what his future will be).

Sure, it sucks that someone posted that video at the last second. But if there were a way of proving that Tunsil released it voluntarily it wouldn’t really surprise me. The kid seems carefree as fuck and when you have serious issues shrugged off or swept under the rug of course you might expect no one to care.

Only time will tell and the Dolphins are hardly as committed to Ryan Tannehill as they were prior to last season, but things are already getting off to a rocky start. Throw in the fact that he’s going to be in South Beach, the number of temptations just got multiplied by a unfathomable amount. Good luck big guy.

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