Manny Fresh

Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles

If you’re the Baltimore Orioles and you’ve been burned by various free agents over the years as well as your own stars that have moved on to brighter pastures. So when you have a top 5 player in the game (right now) then you have to lock him up.

Peter Angelos has become a little less stingy over the years and unfortunately, for O’s fans, that hasn’t yielded the best signings. Yovani Gallardo and Ubaldo Jimenez have been upgrades over the back of the rotation guys that they had in the first place, but they were never going to be game changers. Manny Machado is that game changer.

You already have him. Now you must keep him for 10 years. He’s young enough to remain productive over that time period (unlike Albert Pujols) and he’s not even quite upon his prime yet. Last season Machado hit 35 homers out of the top 2 spots in the lineup, thus only managing 86 RBI. With a better lineup (though still OBP-challenged), Manny is only going to get better.

Did I mention he’s a gold-glove fielder with the ability to play short or third better than any other in the game? He’s a web gem waiting to happen and the kid just wants to play. He was the only player in baseball to play all 162 games last year and he has shown the ability to come back from injuries in the past.

What you must now decide, is how much are you willing to pay? Because the answer is likely going to start with a 3. Yep. Manny Machado is likely to go for 300 million and that might be low. He’s signed for a couple more years, but you want to take care of this contract before any problems arise. Don’t let another Chris Davis scenario happen. Wait until the end of the season then make sure you never let this guy go.

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