That Guy: Who Knows Everything 

That Guy Who Knows Everything

Everybody has that friend. Everybody knows someone like him. He’s the reason you can’t finish a conversation without him opening his mouth to add tidbits/anecdotes or completely disagree with everything you just said. He’s the guy that knows everything. Yes, that guy!

Whether it’s insecurity or unquestioned confidence, this guy doesn’t like to lose arguments or concede superiority in any circumstance. One of my sisters dated a guy like this that had a TIL (today I learned) daily fact which he posted on social media and made certain share with people. Sure, it’s a cool thing to be constantly learning and finding out new information. But when you use it treat other people as if they’re inferior it just gets stupid.

This guy was in his late 30s and had some unreal life experiences and professional credits to this name, but he didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. It was that piece of paper that made him feel less than. So he constantly had to make up for his shortcomings and trump everyone he could if it made him feel equal. Unfortunately, it isolated him and pissed people off. He came off arrogant and pompous and is a great example of the kind of dude no one wants to be around.

He’s the guy in the bar that interjects himself into a conversation with two hot girls and completely disagrees with their point of view. He then proceeds to piss these girls off so much that they walk away in disgust. If he can shut his mouth long enough to let others talk (or just completely shut his mouth) things might just be okay. Until then, he will be the guy keeping you from success at every turn.

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