Endless Possibilities 

Jalen Ramsey NFL Draft Baltimore Ravens

If I was really interested in attempting to guess the entire NFL draft I would. But that would get exhaustive and I’m not sure I care enough right now to put 10 minutes of thought it where the Pittsburgh Steelers or New England Patriots are headed. So Baltimore fans, we will only talk about them Ravens. And you will like it.

Luckily for us, Baltimore never has to worry during the draft. Sure, there’s been some misses with Kyle Boller and Travis Taylor and most recently Matt Elam. But the majority of the picks with Ozzie Newsome in charge have been very good. So where do you think they will go?

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had the caliber pick of a #6. And a year of close games and late season injuries means that this roster doesn’t have a complete gut-project ahead to get back to where they belong. It’s going to take one legit starter-quality talent to shore up that defense.

So the defense was pretty bad last year. They couldn’t keep people out of the end zone through the air and couldn’t pressure the quarterback to help the secondary out either. The run defense was okay, but this year it was more because the pass defense was so bad (rather than the great groups that were so good at “setting the edge” and clogging the middle with guys like Jarrett Johnson, Haloti Ngata, etc.). Brandon Williams was the best player on d last year and better be locked up before he becomes a free agent.

Okay, to the draft we go. Jalen Ramsey might not be available at 6. But there are a good amount of elite prospects this year and with glaring needs at other positions, it’s likely that San Diego and Dallas jump for a corner (though it definitely is a need for the Chargers). The team that might very well make that move and take Ramsey is Jacksonville.

Ozzie has been a “best player available” guy before that was even a thing, so even though I have full confidence in his ability to find an under the radar guy at O-line later in the draft, if Laremy Tunsil is the guy that falls the Ravens then we will take him.

Still, there’s a need for a defensive end to rush the passer. With Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil getting older it’s important that we find someone to step in. My money is on that guy being taken with a couple picks in the middle rounds on some high-risk high-reward decisions as well as players that are from smaller programs.

Later on, we’d like to see additional prospects at linebacker to fill that spots left by draft bust Arthur Brown and departed underwhelming LB Courtney Upshaw. Offensive line help is always needed and some insurance at wide receiver might be necessary, too.

That might sound crazy with the return of Steve Smith, the debut of Breshad Perriman and Mike Wallace, and the emergence of Kamar Aiken. The other guys below those 4 are filler players if anything, so taking a look at some practice squad talent might not be a bad idea.

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