TV Christmas

XFinity Watchathon Week Comcast

If you have Comcast then you know exactly how I feel when Watchathon Week is upon us. You get to watch whatever you want whenever you want and there’s no additional charges. Sure, you don’t get pay-per-view. But anyone can stream or pirate movies at any time. This is all about the premium channels and missed series that you can take full advantage of.

While Black Sails isn’t on Netflix, catching up on shows like Gotham is the main reason for my excitement. Just wish this extravaganza of TV wasn’t just a week. Obvi, if you’re normal then you don’t have enough time to do much binge-watching. Adding a busy weekend on top of that doesn’t make it an easier.

Still, there’s no better time to take advantage of something that’s free than this particular event. How often do you get free shit from a service just for paying for it regularly and being a loyal customer? Struggling companies may do loyalty rewards and the like (along with Verizon every so often), but there’s never been a better time to have nothing to do.


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