Useless Pigs

Pig Cops

What is there to do in an area where nothing ever happens except petty theft and noise complaints? Give unnecessary tickets to unsuspecting drivers from out of state. Yet another reason why the whole state of Virginia can get fucked.

Apparently when the officer asked whether I knew that the stretch of highway was off-limits for cars with two or more people/hybrids and said no, that was code for “I’m going to let you think I give a shit what your answer is”.

There should be a disclaimer on those kinds of tickets when you have to be at work on time and there’s heavy traffic. But no, he saw my Maryland tags and knew I was an easy target. And what better does he have to do than give a needless ticket to someone who would get his wallet stolen in the same shitty state a few weeks later.

HOV lanes are supposed to be for cars with more people in them, but what’s the fucking difference between a car with 10 people in it and a car with one? Are we using our feet to power the fucking car like on The Flintstones? Yabba dabba doo motherfucker, sometimes I feel like Virginia laws are stuck in the Ice Age.

I’d post the officer’s piggly wiggly name but that’s just sinking to their level. Still, there are cops out there that don’t completely suck donkey balls. I just wish the nerdy lames that I probably made fun of in high school weren’t the same guys that continuously find ways to give me needless tickets. You stay classy, Virginia.


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