The Difference Between Partying and Being Out of Control

Johnny Manziel LeBron James

Apparently Johnny Manziel never got the memo. Between getting into a physical altercation with his girlfriend and getting crunk in the club with his boys on the bye week, there’s been enough negative reactions to last a lifetime. So why hasn’t Johnny gotten it?

It’s not about whether he’s an alcoholic (which he clearly doesn’t think he is). It’s about what you can do and are expected to do as a professional football player and potential role model and ambassador for the National Football League. This bro doesn’t “think there’s anything wrong with partying”.

And while being a 20-something athlete in the offseason living in Los Angeles has gotta be difficult with all those women throwing themselves at you, couldn’t you just do that shit out of the public eye? Don’t call attention to yourself. Don’t walk up to a fucking TMZ camera and start a dialogue. Make sure people aren’t taping shit while you are out, ever.

He’s like Tim Tebow with a better arm (only Tebow believes in God and Manziel thinks he is God). Does it help that Josh Gordon is apparently hanging out with him too? No sir. And the kid has had countless people reach out to him and he hasn’t done shit with it. Time to fade off into oblivion, bro. You aren’t finding a job at this rate.

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