Pretend Jail

60 Days In A & E

As if reality TV needed to put more people in dangerous situations, A & E now has a show called 60 Days In that follows individuals going into jail undercover for various reasons. One guy wants to be a DEA agent and get a feel for drug dealers, another wants to be/is a security guard and wants to gain some rapport with the inmates, and another dude just wants to see what his brother has to go through on a daily basis. Meanwhile, there’s a stay at home mom, a police officer, and a teacher all looking to new experiences.

Why does this sound like a good idea? Just because there are cameras doesn’t mean people don’t get fucked up. One episode has a chick jumping from a second floor balcony while trying to commit suicide. Shit is real. But it’s good to see that they can play games and not piss people off one way or another (sarcasm font).

Perhaps there will have to be a first on-air death (non-pro wrestling edition) for these kinds of programs to get just how serious shit is. It’s not like shit is entertaining. All you do in jail is sitting around waste time. They don’t even turn the lights out. Serious, if Oz or Orange is the New Black or Prison Break were real, then this show might be interesting.

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