That Guy: Who is Too Manly

Manly men beards

Now some chicks might not mind a guy with tons of energy (roids) and aggression (roids again). But everyone has that friend that is just too fucking alpha for his own good. This guy isn’t the lead dog, he’s basically like the Ogre (from Revenge of the Nerds) of your group of friends. He’s scary as fuck and you don’t want to fight him, but he’s not exactly a human either.

This relationship can be two-sided at times. Some girls just want a lumbering, one-word answer, one-track-minded bro to bang their brains out. But unless it’s last call, the guy’s gotta open his mouth and at least seem capable of stringing together a couple coherent sentences together at a time. And thinking is not this dude’s forte.

While there are certainly times where Tim “The Toolman” Taylor will make you look like a little girl scared to break a nail, there’s only a few bros oozing the right mix of manliness and sex appeal and those dudes are locked the fuck up or not in your social circle for whatever reason (probably because you wear stuff other than plaid shirts and jeans every day of the year).


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