Negan and Lucille

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead

So if you missed The Walking Dead season finale on Sunday then you shouldn’t read this. But if you like spoiler alerts then go right ahead. Anyways, TWD has been making a living off of cliffhangers for as far back as anyone can remember. So why should the introduction of Negan be any different?

Well, it’s so much how the leader of the Saviors (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) entered the show, it’s how he ended the episode leaving us all to wonder who the fuck he was bludgeoning (to death?) with his barbed-wire wrapped bat named Lucille. Who knew Denny from Grey’s Anatomy could be such a scary fuckin’ dude?

Similar to the midseason finale that involved Glenn seemingly being eaten alive (and then subsequently escaping and not dying as far as we know), this ending has left a lot of curiosity and angst on behalf of TWD die-hards everywhere. It would seem as though Carl was being killed as that his who Negan finished his game of Eeny-Meany pointing directly at and addressing. But how can you be so sure?

Instead of showing us the gory blow for blow beating of the character in question, they showed us a POV look (for the porn fans out there). We saw Negan beating the crap out of someone who had some blood gushing down in front of them. So who do you want it to be, if anyone?

Well the comic book tells us that it’s Glenn that takes the beating. That makes some sense, as Negan noticed the dynamic between Glenn and Maggie, but this is TV and we all know directors do their own thing. So if it could be anyone there, it would be the worst thing if Espinosa or Dr. Eugene took a tumble. But one will never know, and some think they deserve to know. Will you be tuning in when TWD returns?

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