Dancing, Here We Come

Mischa Barton on Dancing With the Stars

If you didn’t get the title then you didn’t watch The OC. And if you didn’t watch The OC, then you might not identify with a lot of what I’m about to say. But this show was the Gossip Girl before there was a Gossip Girl. And it basically put the Lonely Boy moniker of one Dan Humphrey to shame. Seth Cohen was basically the slightly less awkward, more artistically talented version of me. So after nearly 10 years being off the air, it’s terribly disappointing to see the pretty girl of the series trying to be relevant on Dancing With the Stars.

Mischa Barton was once a household name. Not quite a movie star, Barton was a star on television and not at all a waste of space the first couple years. Then she decided to date the Lindsay Lohan “Fire Crotch” guy and her career went up in flames. She’s since been in and out of terrible scripted movies/TV, etc., but the rail-thin actress is just never going to return to the prominent position she once filled on a popular show. To add insult to injury, she was eliminated from Dancing and must go back to the depths from which she came.

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